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Another wonderful reunion weekend is in the books.

I’d like to thank those who were able to make the trip to Princeton for our gathering. I know that it’s often difficult to get time off from work, find funds to travel or a decent place to stay while here. We truly do appreciate seeing as many people as possible.

I’d also like to thank the committee members and those who donated to the cause:

  • Bill Dall, Margie LaVelle-Gater and Steve Mueller for agreeing to run the entertainment portion of the evening.
  • Beth Heaton, who has embraced us as her own, for organizing the golf outing.
  • Tom Caldwell for organizing a Friday night event.
  • Tim Taylor and his wife for offering their home as part of Tom’s event.
  • Troy Windt and Mark Johnson for funding the booze, bartender and partial rental fee!
  • Kelly (Fairchild) Daniel for supplying the beautiful memorial rose and table arrangements.
  • Kris (Bickett) Ferrari for arranging the hayrack with her brother for our float

Special thanks to Dawn (Rod) Sluis for so many things. Dawn manages the finances and is the “memory keeper” — dragging out signs, year books, adorable class reports and more. But Dawn is also the expert on all things Princeton, with lots of contacts and knowledge and good advice.


Please visit the gallery page for pictures of the weekend. If you would like to share some images or videos of the event, please send them and I’ll add to the gallery.


Save the Date!

Next full reunion will be Homestead Festival 2021, September 10-12. There may be a chance that we have get-togethers in the years between, so we’ll let you know.


In the next week or so, I’ll be sending you a survey on this and upcoming reunions. We want to get an idea of what’s important to you in a reunion. I’ll keep it short so you can complete it easily. We need maximum input!


If you would like to order a class shirt, we can place an order if we get 12 items. Let me know. If you paid for a shirt and did not get to the reunion, we’ll be sending it to you soon.

Fund Raising

Who has fund raising ideas? Each year we have a reunion, we just squeak by with registrations and donations supporting expenses. We’d like to get the class account beefed up so we are not cutting it so close. We will accept PayPal donations on this site, but want to hear a few more ideas. Class garage sale during More on 34? Cook Book? Send in your ideas or comment on the Facebook page.